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MT18 with three arms

Four arms on the unbalance wheel probably make little sense, because then two arms would always have to be lifted „stiffly”. But three arms could even be advantageous. For one thing, there is always a flying weight, that stays near to the rim (and drifts all the time) and then the so-called Motus now fits well for lifting the unbalance.

Animation MT18 with three arms

The Algodoo scene is available for download here, it contains only simple scripts (ratchet and springs).

You can see that a stamper is also active in the scene. It gives the initial impulse to lift the unbalance. If you leave it out or reduce its weight, the torque in the simulation is no longer sufficient to lift the unbalance wheel. Even when in Bessler wheels the mechanics from stampers to unbalance lifting are differently solved, you can see here what the stamper unit is for.

With the gearing to drive the Motus, the connection with MT55 is now clearer.

I am always amazed at how Bessler has hidden the information in his machine tractate. It’s in there somehow, but it’s so twisted and encrypted that you only recognise it until you have worked out the principle yourself.

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